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Mammography Fund

Throughout the year, women in our district can apply for funding to cover all or part of the expenses of a mammogram (on average about $383). A special committee approves these requests. Through donations and support from Tough Enough to Wear Pink, the Foundation disburses funds to those who apply and qualify. Apply for funding today!



Facility Enhancements

We know how much critical access hospital's struggle to make ends meet at times, and we want to help purchase or to contribute to the purchase of new equipment to benefit the hospital and clinic. The Mid-Valley Hospital Foundation knows how important this is to improving the quality of care that patients receive. 




We offer scholarships for graduating seniors at our local high schools who are pursuing a career in the medical field, and to students at Wenatchee Valley College-Omak. We also offer scholarships to current Mid-Valley Hospital staff members to further their education, whether that's a conference, online class, or program of study. A special group from the board meets to approve the applications and award the scholarships, ratified by the board if the amount is over $500.



Sponsored Events

We support those who support the community we serve. One regular partner is the Okanogan Valley Fit Coalition (previously Omak Fit-4-Life. Other groups can apply for funds to support their programs and events as well!

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